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Perigueux Classic Auto event 16 & 17 February 2019 

Citroën 100 year anniversary


The Salon des Véhicules Anciens is staged by the VaaP association each February on the exhibition/fairground just west of Périgueux.

This Classic Car event occupies the whole site, with selected cars on display in two large exhibition halls plus visitors’ classics allowed into the grounds during the weekend. 

An auto-jumble takes place along the roadways and grass areas of the fairground with car parts and automobile literature sold from stalls.

Last year, with the Alpine-theme, over 30 race and road-models including the newly introduced A110 were on show, with assistance from the Renault heritage museum organization. 

For 2019 it will be Citroën on their 100th birthday and an example of 36 models produced since the marque was created will be on the central stand. 

Specialist companies with expertise in car restoration and supply of parts, remakes, tools etc exhibit their wares and services in the space surrounding this display. 

As organizers of the event, the VaaP-association select specialists representing each trade from those noted whilst attending similar automobile-events elsewhere.

In another, very roomy exhibition hall, well over 100 cars are shown by several dozen clubs and organizations from around Aquitaine and further afield.

A large block in this hall is each year specifically allocated for ‘British-cars and participants’. 

In February 2018, an interesting bunch of British cars gathered on the booth with their owners. There was a thirties Alvis tourer, the 1959 Monte Carlo rally reconnaissance Mk1 Jaguar, an Aston Martin DB2, an RME Riley, a champagne Mk2 Jaguar, an E-Type and an Austin-Healey as well as quintessential british lightweight race-derived specials like the Lotus11, the Magny-Cours superlite Triking racer and a delightful Austin 7 racer, with built-in cocktail cabinet!


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For 2019, we look forward once more to hosting unusual British cars and already expect a Bristol 401, a Sunbeam Rapier, a nicely upgraded Morris Minor Convertible, a 1926 Morgan Aero with exposed valve-gear, a supercharged racing MG TC, a 1926 Vauxhall 14/40 tourer as well as an Armstrong Siddeley Whitley (also celebrating that make’s 100 years birthday)…….

If you would like to put your british car in the limelight, please get in touch with Henry (see below)

If you know of a Citroën Bijou that could be persuaded to attend, that would put icing on the cake! 

Hundreds of classic-cars and motor-cycles of all types and ages are driven into the grounds over the course of Saturday or Sunday. As entry is free for both the classic car and its driver, about one thousand classics have been admired by the public at each of the 2016-17-18 shows.

To quell your hunger, professional catering staff in the restaurant-hall can provide everything from snacks to full sit-down meals (20-25euros), while around the grounds, other mobile food-stalls can be found for light refreshment.

There are outdoor displays, such as of military vehicles and fire-fighting equipment and farming equipment, on the several hectares of the fairground. 

Dozens of auto-jumble stands of all sorts assemble on the grass and along the roadways, selling collectors’ items, trim, materials, wiring etc. and new parts or tools as well as motor-related literature.

The fairground charges entry from the general public, to cover maintenance and security of the grounds: tickets are purchased at the main gate ticket office.

Entry and exhibiting a classic is free for the vehicle and its driver. 

Rental fees and publicity for commercial stands inside and outside contribute to the VaaP not-for-profit organization, which sets up the show. 

Trailers for exhibition-vehicles can safely be parked inside the grounds which is patrolled by permanent professional security.

The show has attracted over 10 000 visitors each year and receives quite some attention from classic-motoring, local and even national media.

VaaP look forward to a similar success for the Citroën 100th anniversary event on Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 February 2019.


British member of  VaaP and contact-person for British-participants: 

Henry Shaw  

mob +33 604482289

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